In Search of the Northern Lights - Part I & 2

Part 1 // The Magic Light

Original | Runtime: min | Released: 2015

Audio: Norwegian | CC/Subtitles: English

Description: The Northern Light have intrigued and mystified mankind since the dawn of time. Nowhere are they brighter and more spectacular than in the north of Norway. In “In Search of the Northern Lights we join romatic couples and enthusiasts from all over the world as they converge on Tromsø, one of Norway’s northernmost towns, to marvel at this awesome sight. This mini-series is lavishly illustrated with imposing views of the Lights never before seen on television. Renowned photographer Ole Christian Salomonsen, who has specialized in the Northern Lights, takes us on an exciting quest for the ultimate picture of this unique phenomenon.

Genres: TV Show Cast: Nrk