Never ever do this at home

Original | Runtime: 30 min 

Audio: Norwegian | CC/Subtitles: English

Description: Is it really so bad to ignore the warnings we are surrounded by every day? Never Ever Do This At Home tests everything we have been told not to do at home in the only logical location: a home. In Never Ever Do This At Home we test every warning you have ever heard or read so that YOU don’t need to try it in your own home. By challenging the warnings on bottles and containers and breaking with accepted health and safety regulations, we give the audience an entertaining and visually striking impression of what can happen if you fall for the temptation to try out crazy and stupid stunts. The victim is a house and its surroundings where the programme hosts rampage freely. At the same time, we explain the physics and chemistry behind the experiments that take place so that people learn whilst being entertained. One of the hosts is a scientist and the other a comedian.

Genres: TV Show Cast: NRK